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Treatment Packages


Abhyanga & Reiki

Enjoy a full body ayurvedic massage, followed by a reiki healing.



Lomi Massage & Reiki

Get carried away to other dimensions with a lomi lomi massage and a reiki healing.




Abhyanga & Nasya

Combine a relaxing full body ayurvedic massage with a Nasya treatment to clear headaches and sinus congestion.



Abhyanga & Karna Purana

Treat yourself to a full body ayurvedic massage in combination with a soothing ear therapy treatment to relief insomnia, ear aches, tinnitus and stress.



Ayurvedic Head Massage & Nasya

In this combo treatment, a  head, neck, shoulder and arm massage is followed by a Nasya treatment.  


Ayurvedic Head Massage & Karna Purana

A head, neck, shoulder and arm massage is followed by relaxing ear therapy in this treatment.



Reflexology & Indian Head Massage

For the ultimate relaxation, try out a soothing Indian Head Massage, followed by a balancing reflexology treatment.



Reflexology & Karna Purana

Enjoy a calming ear treatment in combination with a  a relaxing reflexology treatment.


All packages = 90 minutes: 100 euros

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